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A Broadband Polarized Metamaterial Absorber Driven by Strong Insensitivity and Proximity Effects

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posted on 2022-01-13, 11:39 authored by M Jasim UddinM Jasim Uddin, Mohammad Habib Ullah, Syed Zahurul Islam
Artificial electromagnetic metamaterial produces exotic resonance, extra ordinary characteristics not available in nature, but engineers can inherit the characteristics by controlling and manipulating their structure. This research primarily the design and realization of dual-band, polarization, and incident angle insensitive metamaterial absorber (MA) is presented. By controlling and manipulating the electromagnetic design shape, artificial structure, periodic array pattern, and dielectric layer thickness a significant way to realize high absorption. In order to achieve high absorption a new shape of an octagonal ring (OR), cross-wires (CWs), and cut-off circle (CC) artificial structure have been sensibly selected. The special characteristics of this structure produce a dual resonance and its bandwidth rises compared that of classical absorber. The proposed artificial structure operation suits the Ku-band application, but possible to enhance in C -band. The numerical and experimental results display a dual-band 99.8% at 12.2 GHz and 99.9% at 15.5 GHz resonance is an excellent agreement in theory and numerical analysis. The effects of the constitutive property parameters: dielectric constant ( ε ), magnetic permeability ( μ ), and negative refractive index ( n ) are also investigated. The investigation of symmetric design structure shows the polarization-insensitivity and high absorption initiated even in changing the incident angle. Numerical and experimental results confirmed the destructive interference of multiple penetrations are responsible for the near-unity absorption. An excellent agreement in the absorptivity rates that touches near perfection which is prominent for solar cells, detection, and imaging applications.


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Uddin, M.J., Ullah, M.H. and Islam, S.Z. (2021) 'A Broadband Polarized Metamaterial Absorber Driven by Strong Insensitivity and Proximity Effects', IEEE Access, 9, pp.131672-131684.

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