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M Jasim Uddin


  • Constitutive parameter analysis of left-handed dual-star split-ring resonator metamaterial for homogeneous infinite slab
  • Dual band printed quasi-yagi antenna for RFID and WLAN applications
  • The effective periodic homogeneous metamaterials for infinite complementary dielectric slab characteristics
  • Controlled Cu nanoparticle growth on wrinkle affecting deposition of large scale graphene
  • A unique metamaterial inspired star-slot UWB antenna with soft surface ground
  • ZIM cover for improvement of the bandwidth and gain of patch antenna
  • A low-cost fiberglass polymer resin dielectric material-based microstrip patch antenna for multiband applications
  • Making Meta Better: The Synthesis of New-Shaped Periodic Artificial Structures Suitable for Metamaterial Behavior Characterization
  • Inversion response to optimize lumped-element circuits for metamaterial
  • A Broadband Polarized Metamaterial Absorber Driven by Strong Insensitivity and Proximity Effects
  • A CMOS power splitter for 2,45 GHz ism band RFID reader in 0,18 μm CMOS technology,CMOS razdvajač snage za 2,45 GHz čitač polja ism RFID u 0,18 μm CMOS tehnologiji
  • FPGA implementation of light rail transit fare card controller using VHDL
  • Design and application of radio frequency identification systems
  • Design and simulation of RF-CMOS spiral inductors for ISM band RFID reader circuits
  • Power splitter architectures and applications
  • Mutual coupling reduction of dual port antenna using zero index metasurface structure
  • Design and simulation of a lumped element metal finger capacitor for RF-CMOS power splitters
  • Isolation improvement of dual feed patch antenna by assimilating metasurface ground
  • CMOS 2.45GHz RF power amplifier for RFID reader
  • Design and simulation of 4GHz UWB CMOS LNA for RFID systems
  • Vhdl modeling of optimum measurement selection by using genetic algorithm
  • The advent of industry fit RFID raders
  • VHDL modeling of fecg extraction from the composite abdominal ECG using artificial intelligence
  • Design and construction of direct sequence spread spectrum CDMA transmitter and receiver
  • PhD Thesis
  • UHF RFID antenna architectures and applications
  • Robust and efficient COVID-19 detection techniques: A machine learning approach
  • Automated water recycle (AWR) method for dust removal from rooftop photovoltaic (PV) at Johor, Malaysia
  • Review on the Evaluation and Development of Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 Containment
  • YoNet: A Neural Network for Yoga Pose Classification
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Identification with Boosting and Explainable AI
  • Evaluating the Brexit and COVID-19’s influence on the UK economy: A data analysis
  • Bio-activity prediction of drug candidate compounds targeting SARS-Cov-2 using machine learning approaches

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