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Impact Case Study - UOA24 - Developing high-quality professional practice: Transforming coach education and sport science support

Posted on 2023-08-21 - 09:55

Developing high-quality professional practice: Transforming coach education and sport science support

This collection provides a full insight into this Impact Case Study, including the ICS that was submitted to REF2021, underpinning research, corroborating evidence and PR/media engagement. 

Research undertaken at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences has consistently informed the development and education of coaches, academics, sport scientists and students, both nationally and internationally. This includes organisations such as the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, Olympiatoppen (the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee), and High Performance Sport New Zealand, in addition to national governing bodies such as the Football Association, British Gymnastics, the Welsh Rugby Union, the Football Association of Wales Trust, British Canoe Union, Swim Wales, Welsh Rowing, Volleyball Wales, Hockey Wales, and the Gaelic Athletic Association. The research also underpins extensive HEI subject provision both in the UK and internationally. 

For this case study, underpinning research outputs are provided below.  

References to the Underpinning Research:

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*Bold denotes Cardiff Met staff members named in the REF2021 ICS.  


Link to the expert statement in relation to Cropley’s reflective practice work on the BASES Supervised Experience Programme:

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