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ICS - UOA23 - Upskilling teachers to fundamentally transform the new “Curriculum for Wales” (CfW) in all state schools

Posted on 2023-05-22 - 14:49

Upskilling teachers to fundamentally transform the new “Curriculum for Wales” (CfW) in all state schools

This collection provides a full insight into this Impact Case Study, including the ICS that was submitted to REF2021, underpinning research, corroborating evidence and PR/media engagement. 

In 2022, Wales will implement a completely new curriculum in all its schools, affecting 468,383 pupils and allowing 22,000 teachers to design their own curricula within a national framework. In preparation, Cardiff Met’s research underpinned the upskilling of teachers to be change managing creative enquirers in 33 schools, impacting the professional practice of ~1,045 staff and the learning experience of ~14,900 pupils. Its success led to more than 300 additional schools embarking on the programme designed to facilitate the new curriculum. Cardiff Met’s original project lead for this programme has now been formally seconded to Welsh Government to develop a national strategy for education research.

For this case study, underpinning research outputs are provided below.   

References to the Underpinning Research:

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  *Bold denotes Cardiff Met staff members named in the REF2021 ICS 


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