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Arslan Ahmad


  • Challenges of future multimedia QoE monitoring for internet service providers
  • QoE-centric service delivery: A collaborative approach among OTTs and ISPs
  • QoE-aware service delivery: A joint-venture approach for content and network providers
  • Image processing and classification in diabetic retinopathy: A review
  • Qualia: A multilayer solution for QoE passive monitoring at the user terminal
  • Timber: An SDN-based Emulation Platform for Experimental Research on Video Streaming
  • Towards QoE monitoring at user terminal: A monitoring approach based on quality degradation
  • OTT-ISP joint service management: A Customer Lifetime Value based approach
  • QoE-Aware OTT-ISP Collaboration in Service Management
  • Timber: An SDN based emulation platform for QoE Management Experimental Research
  • MNO-OTT Collaborative Video Streaming in 5G: The Zero-rated QoE Approach for Quality and Resource Management
  • 5G network slicing using SDN and NFV: A survey of taxonomy, architectures and future challenges
  • EuWireless RAN Architecture and Slicing Framework for Virtual Testbeds
  • QoE Management of Multimedia Streaming Services in Future Networks: A Tutorial and Survey
  • Towards Information-centric Collaborative QoE Management using SDN
  • Measuring, Modeling and Integrating Time-Varying Video Quality in End-to-End Multimedia Service Delivery: A Review and Open Challenges
  • Supervised-learning-Based QoE Prediction of Video Streaming in Future Networks: A Tutorial with Comparative Study

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Thanuja Mallikarachchi

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