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The influence of materialistic values and hedonic values on compulsive buying behaviour: Study on Pakistani shoppers

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posted on 2022-10-10, 13:23 authored by Maryam Iqbal Kiani

The following study is aimed at examination and analysis of the influence of hedonic and materialistic values on compulsive buying behaviour among Pakistani shoppers. The study has followed a mixed design for research combining both qualitative and quantitative methods. The data has been collected through primary and secondary means but the core focus has been primary data for purpose of analysis and presentation of results.

Furthermore, the study is a causal study which is cross-sectional conducted through survey questionnaire and interviews as part of mixed design. 200 subjects have been selected for questionnaire while 100 interviews have been conducted from shoppers in Pakistanthrough simple random and stratified sampling respectively. Data is analysed through SPSS using reliability, frequency, correlation and regression analysis while qualitative data is analysed through thematic analysis. 

The results revealed that influence of hedonic and materialistic values on compulsive buying behaviour is significant. Further quantitative and qualitative analysis revealed that hedonic and materialistic values are major influencers for compulsive buying behaviour because people that tend to adopt these behaviour are either triggered by hedonic values that are related to internal satisfaction, culture or pleasure seeking or either by materialistic values such as possession of wealth, possessions of materialistic and valuable items, societal image or societal status.



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