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The diversity of diffusion of information and communication technologies in the hospitality and tourism sector - with particular reference to the small and medium hospitality enterprise

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posted on 2022-10-17, 13:28 authored by Hilary Murphy


This thesis presents an overview of a selection of previously published works from 1994-2003. It focuses on the diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the hospitality and tourism sector, with particular reference to small and medium-sized hospitality enterprises. It specifically evaluates the critical internal and external factors that influence the diffusion of ICTs in this sector.

The first chapter introduces the overall research question, the publisher works and the models that are used to guide the progress of this thesis and its structure. It reveals the phases of investigation throughout the research period and provides a framework for the following chapter, which reviews the published works.

The second chapter presents a review of the selected publications in the context of a contemporaneous literature review that starts from a baseline of Gamble's 1984 model of diffusion. It builds towards populating a new model that takes into account the emerging internal and external factors that emerge not only from these works, but also from other sources that impact on this sector over the research period.

The third chapter outlines the research process using a timeline model and provides a critical review of that process in terms of the methodologies used in the phases of the research. It highlights and justifies the pluralistic, pragmatic approach adopted and concludes with a review and reflection on the methodologies chosen.

The final chapter evaluates the contribution to knowledge and highlights the empirical evidence in the new model that has emerged as a result of this thesis. It considers the direction of future research and reflects on the overall thesis.



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