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The Impact of Organisational Culture on Implementation of Rural Development Strategies in Selected Local Government Authorities in Nigeria

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posted on 2022-10-13, 13:23 authored by Ayotunde Abdulrahman


This research examines the impact of organisational culture typologies on current strategy

implementation process in Nigerian Local Government Authorities (LGAs). The inefficiency

of the current implementation process represents a burden on the lives of the Nigerian

citizenry. This problem is examined from an organisational culture perspective. Previous

research suggests that aligning organisational culture and strategy implementation produces

favourable interrelationships. This research highlights operational implications of these


To achieve its objectives, a qualitative case study research is conducted on six Nigerian

LGAs using semi-structured interviews (n=60). It epistemologically embedded its research

design in the organisational cultural assessment instruments (OCAI) to establish the LGAs

contemporary cultural dynamics. The methodical analysis of information exemplifies the

interrelationship between its variables and underscores the need for an implementation model

which considers various layers of forces existing within and outside the LGAs.

A conceptual model with three categories showing interrelationships between the task

environment, environmental context and external environment of the LGAs is developed and

used as a framework to analyse the data. Findings uncovered the six LGAs adopt a culture

mix favourable for their implementation effectiveness. However, key rationalities hindering

strategy implementation are closely associated with the ostensible lack of attention to the

behavioural patterns of strategic actors.

The research provides robust understanding of culture as a determiner of implementation

success, and sparks series of novelty thoughts on the impact of culture typologies on strategy

implementation practices in Nigerian LGAs. Its practical implications provide public

managers with insight into realigning culture and implementation practices to achieve their

desired outcome using empirically supported dimensions of the OCAI. The findings of this

research suggest the need for future research in examining the recursive and reciprocal effect

of culture and implementation in public sector research.



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