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Statistical methods for resolving issues relevant to test and measurement reliability and validity in variables related to sport performance and physical fitness

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posted on 2022-10-17, 13:24 authored by Stephen-Mark Cooper

 Sport performance is the result of a complex and challenging blend of many factors.Sport coaches and National Goveming Bodies (NGBs) of sport have begun to recognise that the most efficacious way of preparing athletes for competition is one based uponproven scientific methods and not upon trial and error judgements. Such a response fliesin the face of much of the coaching folklore that has been passed down through thegenerations. Indeed, it is not so long ago that most sport coaches would treat the idea ofsupport from a sport scientist with abject cynicism. Today, however, it is far morecommonplace for individual athletes and teams of athletes, who aspire towards achievingsuperior optimal performances, their coaches and NGB advisors, to seek an input fromsport scientists so that these athletes can achieve their full potential. 



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