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Sound shape modelling, interaction and prototyping for virtual pottery

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posted on 2022-10-27, 16:23 authored by Sarah Dashti

Introduction: Virtual Pottery (VP) using creative technologies is a multi-faceted challenge. This thesis addresses the key challenges and makes novel research contributions. This research explores how Virtual Pottery (VP) has evolved and competed with traditional making.

Problem: Traditional research related to Virtual Pottery (VP) shows that the main contribution of applications and 3D modelling software focuses on creating a vessel on a Virtual Reality (VR) potter's wheel or 3D sculpting tools with limitations. Moreover, the available applications may not support the whole experience of traditional making and hold many challenges. 3D modelling is expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming, especially when modelling in detail on a complex organic object. Some of the available Virtual Reality (VR) applications use a set of unprintable pattern images as a texture. Volumetric pattern modelling with high resolution may affect the application performance and cannot be used in real-time.

Aim: This research aims to overcome the limitations mentioned above, including the following: surface texturing on VP objects, the functionality of 3D modelling tools, physical making experience, organic shape complexity, visual limitations, print limitations and real-time interactivity.

Contributions & Thesis overview: The research aims are accomplished through the innovation of the surface texture of VP and the conceptual design. It is a systematic process demonstrated through a workflow system that employs modelling, interaction and rapid prototyping. The modelling is demonstrated by using VR for base-shape 3D modelling and embedding the detailed sound shape on the base object. The overview of the thesis captures an introduction, literature review, background, methodology, conclusion and future work.



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