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Some of the barriers influencing the enhancement of the quality of graphic design education in Jordanian universities from the perspectives of lecturers, students, and industry practitioners

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posted on 2023-06-06, 11:40 authored by Solein Momani

The finding that Graphic Design education in Jordan is in far from ideal conditions is robustly evidenced, despite multiple interventions to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This study sought to identify and critically evaluate some of the barriers affecting the enhancement of the quality of Graphic Design education in Jordanian universities from the perspectives of lecturers, students, and industry practitioners. Thus, three related sub-studies were undertaken. Study I is a comparative case study of learning outcomes in relevant programmes in Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, and Philadelphia University, Jordan. Data was gathered by archival research. Study II formed a Graphic Design focussed survey in Jordan that sampled 220 Year 1/ Year 4 students, 270 practitioners, and 26 lecturers, to ascertain the state of Graphic Design education in Jordan. The main Study, III, sought to ascertain the states of: implementation of the fieldwork module; theoretical and practical modules; quality assurance; Wasta; and creative problem-solving. It employed a multiple case study strategy and a sample of 12 purposefully selected specialist lecturers in Graphic Design in Jordanian universities. This study argues that such specialist Graphic Design lecturers individually hold the most promising prospects for change in the short-term, despite the inertia occasioned by the capacity-handicapped Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the much greater numbers of generalist lecturers who remain unspecialised, and unmotivated. Such short-term change could be reached through: increased awareness/focus on creative problem-solving; wresting control over Graphic Design modules from disinterested Schools; and adoption of constructive alignment and blended learning among others. Without a systemic approach to the problems facing Graphic Design education in Jordan, a lasting solution is unlikely. This study reappraises the problems and past interventions for suitability, implementation, and effectiveness, and proposes other interventions, with emphasis on how to get more within the current capacity.



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