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A critical application of the ‘teaching games for understanding’ approach in the coaching context: An action research study

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posted on 02.07.2020, 15:19 authored by Jose Castro

This qualitative doctoral thesis employed an action research design, which consisted of a self-reflective inquiry conducted by the researcher/coach. This meant that the researcher was also the coach, making him one of the participants alongside the 12 players that constituted the sporting team. The action researcher investigated his own practice by implementing and exploring the utility of the pedagogical approach, and its impact on the coach and players' learning. The study was carried on during an entire sporting volleyball season (10 months). This implied 2 training sessions per week (2 hours each); plus an average of 3 games per month. The data collection methods utilised were reflective field notes (complemented by video and audio recordings) and focus groups. Abductive data analysis was employed aligned with the Grounded Theory flexible yet systematic guidelines. The participation of the study was voluntary and the study followed Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Ethics Committee’s guidelines and recommendations.





School of Sport and Health Sciences

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