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Partnership in initial teacher training: a model that optimises the expectations of stakeholders within primary schools within South East Wales

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posted on 2022-10-27, 16:24 authored by Margaret Griffiths

Government legislation demands that schools play an increasingly influential role in

the training of new teachers through partnership agreements with higher educational

institutions. This study aims to identify key areas of professional satisfaction and

dissatisfaction experienced by staff in 231 primary schools engaged in one such

partnership, with a view to proposing a model that optimises the views of these


The study took as its starting point a largely unexplored issue, namely the

investigation of self-determined criteria against which schools consciously or subconsciously

evaluate their involvement in partnership. Appropriate criteria were

identified by a series of pilot studies that involved a cross-section of the partnership

schools, and resulted in a battery of three detailed questionnaires that was

subsequently administered by postal survey to all schools within the partnership.

The data generated by this survey was analysed using a combination of qualitative

and quantitative techniques that included the application of non-parametric statistical

tests. It was found that the partnership agreement under investigation promoted much

commendable practice that generated professional satisfaction. However five key

issues, along with several minor irritants that collectively generated dissatisfaction,

were identified. These relate to the role of the college tutor, a lack of non-contact

time afforded to school staff in order to undertake partnership duties, an inconsistency

between schools in relation to the support received and practice promoted, some

failings in communication between partners, and the failure of the model to fully

embrace all available expertise.

It is concluded that any effective model of partnership must fully promote the unique

contribution that can be made by each partner, and provide the necessary resources of

time and training as prerequisites. Finally, an amended model of partnership that

attempts to take full account of the research findings is proposed.



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