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Managing the emotional experience of organisational change

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posted on 2022-10-27, 16:22 authored by Rachel Sian Davies

The experience of change brings with it contradictions and it is fair to say that the human

relationship with change is a tumultuous one. Humans crave stability, security and a

certain predictability and the word 'change' in itself can induce anxiety (Clarkson, 1995).

Fineman (1993: 220) goes so far as to suggest that "change can touch some of the most

enduring concerns of human beings". Yet, paradoxically, our survival as a species results

from our adaptability and flexibility (Fineman & Mangham, 1987). So, how is this paradox

experienced? Eby ef al. (2000) consider the role of chaos theory in explaining how

change can be normalised and that order and change should be accepted as coexisting

realities. The challenge is to balance the needs for order and chaos to ensure the best

outcome at the level of the individual and wider society. This is also true for change at the

organisational level which presents further challenges.



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