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Improving effectiveness of mobile learning technology for use in higher education: A comparative study of the UK and Jordan

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posted on 2022-10-27, 13:52 authored by Ali Yousef Jawarneh

This research is aimed at assessing the capabilities and limitations of mobile learning technology

and its impact on learning in Jordanian higher education. The data was collected through three

sets of activities, namely a quiz, a questionnaire survey regarding mobile learning content in

Jordan and two sets of focus groups that were conducted at Aston University and the University

of Jordan. The mobile learning content was modified, keeping in view the technology limitations

of both the countries, enabling identification of a broader aim of determining appropriate

measures for mobile learning within limited technology environments. The quantifiable data was

examined by using a Wilcoxon signed rank test and Cronbach’s alpha and the qualitative data

was examined through thematic analysis.

The results show that the execution of learning through mobile devices in the University of

Jordan lacks the availability of advanced IT infrastructure. However, the examination of the

focus group data shows that the participating students from Aston University and the University

of Jordan experience the same concerns regarding mobile learning. For example, the undersized

display of handheld devices and restrictive battery lifespan were mentioned by the participants at

both universities as the restricting factors that limit the use of learning through mobiles.

The research also found some contradictions between the extant literature and the research data

obtained through three learning activities on the mobile learning content. For instance, the

participants mentioned the battery life of mobile gadgets as a limitation but the literature

revealed that with technological advancements in the form of availability of power bank devices,

thus the issue of limited battery life is insignificant. The theoretical contribution of this research

is the application of two mobile learning theories, TPACK theory and Connectivism theory for

the creation of mobile learning content for this research. This research helps to examine the

technology gap present in Jordan in contrast to the UK and identify the challenges and

limitations of using communication devices for m-learning in Jordan; the technology gap

between Aston University and the University of Jordan has been highlighted.



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