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Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in Mauritius through business incubators: The role of business incubators in economic development

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posted on 2023-01-16, 14:23 authored by Lekraz Kullur

This thesis has comprehensively reviewed the literature on business incubation. The literature has shown few research findings on business incubation in small developing countries such as Mauritius. Moreover, there needs to be more understanding of how developing countries use business incubators to support entrepreneurship for economic development. This qualitative case study investigates whether the business incubation process in Mauritius is favourable to the development of entrepreneurs in the country. This study helps to understand the value creation process of incubators in interaction with entrepreneurs.

This research focuses on a new generation of business incubators, operating in developing countries. It has an integrated incubation model, including pre-incubation, incubation, and acceleration. The review also showed that limited studies had been carried out in the pre-incubation phase on how they contribute to attracting and promoting entrepreneurship. This study examines the value creation development of entrepreneurs through the three phases of the incubation process. The case study is designed with two leading business incubators in Mauritius, and the research investigation is exploratory in nature.



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