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Evaluation of the Vocational Training System in Qatar’s Public Sector

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posted on 2022-10-10, 13:08 authored by Hamad Al Kaabi

The concept of policing a state has had to undergo a change of mindset due to the global nature of today’s world. There was anecdotal evidence that the training was outdated and did not take into account the cross-cultural differences that exist in Qatar. This study investigates this hypothesis and evaluates the quality of training at the Police Training Institute in Qatar After conducting an exhaustive literature review covering cross cultural differences, systems thinking and different delivery methods a methodological evaluation of public sector training was conducted using the Soft Systems Methodology of Professor Peter Checkland. 

The key findings to come out of the SSM Analysis were: the police training did not meet the participants’ expectations, course content failed to provide trainees with new skills, the delivery of the courses lacks interaction and courses were not useful or challenging. A conceptual model was developed that dealt with: new content, cultural differences and new delivery methods. A new system thinking course was designed, delivered, tested and evaluated. Also, an App was designed for mobile phones which enabled the course to be delivered in a more modern manner which used the concept of social media. The final analysis showed that the Systems Thinking ideas were well received and more courses need to be designed at all levels. It suggested that there is a future for mobile technology in training and it encouraged organizations to experiment with this form of delivery. 

Recommendations were made for future training at the Police Training Institute and these were well received by the Ministry of Interior of Qatar. It also suggests that the PTI is an ideal candidate for a learning organization, which would help it to understand what is happening in the outside environment and produce creative solutions using the knowledge and skills of all within the organization.



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