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Entrepreneurship and social media in the creative industries: A socio-technical perspective of entrepreneurial discovery of value opportunity and exploitation

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posted on 2022-10-13, 12:40 authored by Maysson Al Otaiba


The research focused  on explaining creative  entrepreneurs’  usage  of social  media  (SM)  to  express  and  communicate their  creative  aesthetics  to customers  from  a  socio-technical  perspective.  The  explanation  focused  on understanding  how  creative  entrepreneurs  achieve  mature  usage  of  SM.Maturity  implying  SM usage  such  that  creative processes are  well integrated with  internal business operations  and marketing  communications  to  create economic value. There are no extant explanatory frameworks that account for creative  entrepreneurs’  use  of  SM  to express  and  communicate  their  creative aesthetics to customers.  A  qualitative  research  methodology  using  in-depth  interviews  with creative  entrepreneurs  in  the  fashion,  jewellery,  and  art  industries,  amongstothers was used to collect data. The in-depth interviews were semi-structured and  were  designed  to  collect  data  consistent  with  the  research  objectives. Focus was placed on how social media enables opportunity seeking and how creative  entrepreneurs  exploit  it  using  social  media.  The  collected  data  was analysed  to  establish  patterns  that  reveal  how  social  media  is  used  to  create value.  Findings  reveal  several  patterns  of  maturing  use  of  SM.  Creative entreprenuers  learn  about  SM  strategy,  tools,  and  techniques  to  incorporate into   their   core   creativity   processes   to   communicate   and   interact   with customers. The socio-technical empirical SM maturity framework is proposed which  is  composed  of  five  empirically evidenced  constructs  reflecting  these patterns: SM discovery and strategy, SM tools, SM content, SM maturity, and Outcome. It provides insight into the aesthetic and creativity acts through SM technology  of  creative  entrepreneurs.  It  reveals  that  creative  entrepreneurs combine   their aesthetic   creativity, real-time   marketing, and   opportunity seeking on  SM  platforms  to  create  economic  value.  They  do  this  using  the unique real-time communication and interactivity features of SM that enables real-time digital  marketing  of  their  created  products.   The SM  maturity framework contributes an empirically validated explanation of strategic use of 

SM by creative entrepreneurs for effective aesthetic value communication and interaction with customers to create value. Maturity is integration of SM into their creative processes to express and communicate aesthetic value and value creation.  The  practical impact  is  that  creative entrepreneurs  can  use  the framework for their own SM practices to express and communicate aesthetic value and value creation



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