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Design, implementation, and evaluation of a peer coaching strategy on the PGCE Primary Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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posted on 2024-06-06, 10:57 authored by Kris Sobol

This study investigated how students’ pre-service experience, training, and study could be used to inform and support the use of peer coaching strategies with PGCE Primary studentsat Cardiff Metropolitan University. The study explored the impact of a collaborative peer coaching approach on students' sense of self-confidence and their levels of engagement in the first part of their PGCE Primary Programme. The focus of the study emanated from theresearcher’s own professional experience in Higher Education and an interest in peer coaching strategies. The researcher’s positionality, therefore, is a significant factor in the study, and this is discussed in detail, particularly in the introduction. The rationale for the selection of the approach to peer coaching used in this study is outlined in the introduction and is a focus of discussion and reflection throughout this report. The study used an action research approach and empirical data were gathered via a pilot phase and a main phase using a structured questionnaire, plus focus group interviews and student evaluations. This report is the final component of the EdD Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University and draws upon the successfully completed and assessed pieces of work within the programme, including a literature review. These assessed pieces of work are included and referenced as Appendices in this report. The findings from this study reinforce the benefits of the collaborative peer coaching strategies used on the PGCE Primary programme. Even though, initially, students in the pilot study reported little knowledge of peer coaching, the process they engaged in subsequently, allowed them the opportunity to engage in this type of student-to-student support. The importance of the prior knowledge of a student or a student cohort/group emerged as an important contributor to the quality and responsiveness to the peer coaching approach adopted. Also, the prior knowledge of the tutor was shown to be a vital component in supporting students within the peer coaching process to ensure they were grouped in ways that reflected the best opportunities for meaningful engagement. The report concludes with some reflections and conclusions, and it highlights the opportunities for future research in this area



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