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Demonstrate and document: The development of a best practice model for biometric access control management

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posted on 2022-10-17, 13:27 authored by Lynne Norris-Jones

 This thesis investigates the social, legal and ethical perceptions of participants towards the implementation of biometric access control systems within a sample of United Kingdom work-based environments. It focuses on the application of fingerprint scanning and facial recognition systems, whilst alluding to the development of more advanced (bleeding edge) technologies in the future. The conceptual framework is based on a tripartite model in which Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is applied to the workforce whilst the principles of Utilitarianism and the Psychological Contract are applied to both management strategies and workforce perceptions. A qualitative paradigm is used in which semi-structured interviews are conducted with management and workforce participants within a sample of United Kingdom-based organisations (represented by Case Studies A-D). Discourse from these interviews are analysed, leading to the development of a series of first-cut findings for suggested "Best Practice " in the social, legal and ethical management of biometric access control systems. This process is subsequently developed with a refined sample of respondents (Case Studies A and C) culminating in the presentation of a suggested "Best Practice Model" for application to all four case studies. The model is based upon elements of a pre-determined Code of Practice (ISO/IEC 27002lnformation Technology - Security techniques - Code of Practice for Information Security Management) towards fostering acceptance of biometric technology within the workplace, in answering the question:  How should organisations using biometric access control systems address social, legal and ethical concerns in the management of specific working environments in the United Kingdom? 



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