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Creating change sophisticated people: a change competencies workbook based on school support staff's perceptions of strategic change in a post '92 higher education institution

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posted on 2022-10-17, 13:32 authored by Tamara Maria Winkler

This research critically examines school support staff’s perceptions of strategic

change within a post ’92 higher education institution. The need for effective

communication as well as valuing and empowering employees during any

change process is discussed.

The research uses a mixed methods approach. Qualitative and quantitative

data are obtained from questionnaires and emerging themes identified. Further

qualitative data are gathered from diary logs, interviews and focus groups. This

research represents the opinions of school support staff at a particular moment

in time within a particular educational context.

The results suggest some limitations to the change capabilities of the post ’92

institution, but also some areas of good practice. The production of a change

framework and the change competencies workbook provides both the institution

and its employees, with an opportunity to explore further the prospect of

improving their ability to manage change. Both the framework and the

competencies require an environment of trust for them to work effectively.

The subject headings of identity, perception and communication are utilised in

the change framework and the change competencies. The subject headings

were chosen in order to assist the researcher to categorise various data

covering areas of concern raised by research participants.

This thesis suggests that the post ’92 institution has yet to establish a corporate

change policy or embed a continuous change culture within its organisation.

This thesis concludes that incorporating the following could assist the

institution’s management of change:

 create a culture of change by utilising the change framework and

implement a corporate change strategy based on Kotter’s (1996) eight

steps for change;

 create an environment of trust through excellence in two-way

communication by promoting Perkins (2008) supportive communication

and listening skills;

 create empowered and change sophisticated people by improving their

change competencies using the workbook and regular targeted staff




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