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Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Payment Services in Nigeria: A customised Unified Theory of Acceptance & Use Technology (UTAUT) model.

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posted on 2022-10-10, 13:08 authored by Ismaila Ola Ogundega

Innovations in technology continue to influence the daily routines of consumers. In the case of mobile devices, their multifunctionality transforms opportunities for consumers, for instance by conducting mobile payments. In spite of the merits of mobile payment services, the number of users of these services is very low among Nigerian consumers. Hence, the aim of this research is to design a conceptual model for measuring the acceptability rate of consumer acceptance of mobile payment in Nigeria. More specifically, this research analyzes the factors influencing consumer acceptance of mobile payment services in Nigeria and also measures the acceptability rate of consumer acceptance. 

By using a quantitative research approach with structured self-completion questionnaires, 500 questionnaires from Nigerian consumers were gathered and statistically analyzed so as to empirically test the model of mobile payment acceptance. The researcher employed a crosssectional survey across three different universities in Lagos Nigeria for collecting data to design a customised model. Analysis of the investigation data was performed with SPSS, PLS, PCA, Chi-Square and Regression Analysis. The model was validated with the aid of data extracted from the original investigation of the respondents. 

The results show that out of the examined seven factors, performance expectancy, relevance, culture, technical support, trust, security and awareness have proven to be significant as they influence the behavioural intention of the Nigerian consumers surveyed towards mobile payment services. In addition, an association between the characteristics age and mobile phone usage behaviour and the behaviour intention could be detected. A key finding is that a behavioural intention among Nigerian consumers toward mobile payment occurs according to this research. This study presents recommendations for service users to improve on the identified influential factors for successful innovation of mobile payment. 

This research contributes to theory by using the less-researched perspective of innovation resistance to the research field of mobile payment. Also, insights into Nigerian consumers were provided to help service providers to design effective marketing strategies that will satisfy the needs of the consumers.



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