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Celebrity endorsement in advertisements and its impact on women’s self-esteem in the United Kingdom

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posted on 2022-10-28, 14:22 authored by Syeda Rubia Kazmi

The foremost aim of this research study is to investigate and understand the underlying factors for the inclusion of celebrities in advertisement, followed by its impact on the women’s self-esteem in the United Kingdom.

The research problem identified in this study was that celebrity endorsement’s inclusion and wrongful portrayal have somehow negatively affected the self-esteem and attitude of women in the globalised era and this study identifies those factors.

Quantitative method of research design along with primary method of data collection has been adopted by researcher. The sample size was 300 and tests applied include: correlation and regression. The independent variable was celebrity endorsement whereas dependent variable was self-esteem. Both the variables were further broken down into sub-variables.

The findings of the study revealed that significant correlation exists between both the variables as the Pearson correlation values obtained were more than 50%. On the other hand, regression results revealed that all the variables in the study that are expertise, physical attractiveness, similarity, respect and trustworthiness have a strong relationship with objectification. Also, it can be seen that all of the variables have a significant impact on the dependent variable of body image

It is recommended that advertising agencies are required to consider the celebrities who have an aspirational and positive image. The current state of knowledge within the field of marketing and advertising consists of multitude dimensions, where the abundant mass of the research stems from different advertising journals. It has been made evident that the path towards the successful celebrity endorsement campaigns entails much more than just picking a highly rated celebrity, having them endorse the product, and then sending it to the mass market


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