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An investigation into European design management capability assessment

posted on 2022-10-17, 13:27 authored by Ernst Friedrich Sebastian Hesselmann

This  thesis  investigates  factors  which  promote  design  management  success  and considers how design management capabilities in businesses and organisations can be assessed. The investigation is based on explorationand identification of important factors  forthe successful  use  of design  management.  A  review of  the  literature confirms the assimilation between the design processand NPD process success factorresearch,  resulting  in  the  development  of  the  concept design  management.  A comprehensive  list  of  the nine  most frequently  referenced  NPD process  success factors is derived from 64 research studies. A contextual review confirms the validity of the Design Management Staircase Model, the  only  known  model  to  evaluate design  management capabilities.  The  validity  of the nine factors  for promoting design  management success  is  analysed based  on a dataset gathered through the Design Management Europe (DME) Award. This validity is  confirmed  through  an  analysis  of  qualitative  data  gathered  with  DME  Award entrants. The third part of the analysis builds the basis for a comparison between the Design  Management  Staircase  Model and the  NPD process  success  factors. This investigation provides insight into the design management capabilities of companies, identifying which   factors   are   of   greatest   importance   for design   management capability  assessment. Further,  the  analysis  demonstrates  that  a  complete  process more important than any single factor. The   PhD   contributes   to new   knowledge regarding   the   importance   of design managementto  business  resourcing,  a  meta-analysis  that  reveals  the  nine  most important  factors  for design  management,  the  importance  of  a  process  driven 

ABSTRACT approach   to   factor   implementation,   and a set   of   recommendations   for the development of an improved design management capability assessment model.The  underlying  message  of  the  results  in  this  PhD  thesis is  that successful design managementcapabilities are highly dependent on the right expertise and building a complete process which consists of nine success factors. 



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