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An evaluation of the interconnection between change management strategies and new public management model among Dubai police force

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posted on 2022-10-14, 14:13 authored by Khalid Almansoori

 This thesis is concerned with understanding the New Public Management Model vis-à-vis the change management strategy employed by the Dubai police force. The study also focuses on reviewing the different Change Management Strategies employed by the management of the Dubai police force. The study further seeks to explore the policy’s success. The main objectives are however concerned with analysing how successful the New Public Management Model has been vis-à-vis the Change Management Strategies deployed by the Dubai police force. This question was raised as a result of the transformation in Dubai and the need to review management practice in light of the current models of “best fit” and “best practice.” The study aimed to achieve this analysis by addressing five specific objectives, namely: to identify the strategies that makeup change management; to explore the extent to which management strategies influence the application of the New Public Management Model in the public sector; to explore how the interconnection between Change Management Strategies and New Public Management Model impact on the outcome of the activities of the police force; to explore the reaction of public sector employee to the New Public Management Model, and to determine the success of the implementation of the New Public Management Model. The study was based on case study research conducted among members of the Dubai police force. The participants in the study include both members of the management team, officers and men of the Dubai police force. A snowball sampling technique was employed in the study. Semi-structured interviews were used to obtain an in-depth response from participants about the New Public Management Model and the change management strategy deployed. vi This study revealed that the concept of change management involves several processes and the need to combine resources and strategies to smooth the process of organizational change. The study further revealed that cultural factors tend to influence the choice of strategies and have significant implication for management decisions within the Dubai police force. Align with issues around culture is the innovative practice that is now available due to the use of new technologies and the application of artificial intelligence. Technology has enhanced communication in a less intrusive way. It also aids the accomplishment of set tasks within a realistic time frame. 



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