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A critical analysis of the success factors associated with the management of the partnership with schools model for initial and continuing teacher education, 1998 -2008

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posted on 2022-10-13, 16:24 authored by Philip Bassett


This thesis presents an overview of a selection of previously published works

from 1998 - 2008. It focuses on the ways in which challenges that changes

introduced by successive governments, for the training and education of

teachers, have been addressed and, specifically, how these have been

managed. It investigates the development of a partnership approach between

schools and initial teacher training (ITT) providers and identifies the successes

achieved and the areas of shortcoming that present barriers to continued


The initial sections provide a context for the research undertaken and locate

current government requirements within a changing historical framework for the

management of initial and continuing teacher education. It identifies the stages

through which statutory implementation has motivated innovation and resulted in

a gradual move toward a joint approach for shared professional responsibility

between schools and ITT providers. Within these sections, three phases of

research activity are distinguished: initial exploration of the concept of

partnership; requirements for the development of mentoring; and the

management of implementation and the effectiveness of participants.

The published works selected address the final phase; the effectiveness of the

management processes and the impact that this has had, to date, on the

enhancement of the system. I offer a 'partnership with schools' model that has

been investigated thoroughly and provides a clear management structure.

However, I demonstrate that it is the effectiveness of the participants within the

model that make the difference, but recognise that there are constraints that

must be addressed if the model is to achieve fruition. Additionally, I have

developed a conceptual framework for the evaluation of 'partnerships' in the

form of a 'continuum'from 'Functional-' to 'Vision-Led-' partnerships, based on

the identification of 'key principals' that underpin partnership formation and


Finally, I indicate how this model, developed primarily for the initial training of

teachers, has already impacted on the continuing professional development of

serving teachers and may be extended to meet current government

requirements and initiatives for the development of the teaching profession.



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