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A Study on the Use of ICT in Teaching in Secondary Schools in Kuwait

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posted on 2022-10-14, 14:09 authored by Eid Alharbi


Over the past few decades, information and communications technology (ICT) has become gradually more important to schools and universities. There are wide of research exists to explore and study the use of ICT in the process of learning and teaching in secondary schools.

This research examines how ICT is applied in the classroom of Kuwaiti schools from the perspective of students, teachers and decision-makers. Based on four fundamental research questions, the aim is to analyse the level and impact of ICT on teachers' pedagogy, the students' perception of ICT use in the classroom and to seek out any fundamental differences in public and private education, as well as across genders.

The research adopted a mixed-methods approach to data gathering, using questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to gather data from students, teachers and policy-makers in Kuwait. The evidence was then analysed based upon the original research questions outlined.

The results show a sporadic use of ICT in Kuwaiti secondary schools and suggest that when employed, evidence is mixed as to whether there is indeed a positive or negative impact from ICT use. The research does suggest there is capacity in the skills of teachers and students to employ ICT effectively, at least on a fundamental or technical level. There remains a significant gap between possessing these schools and applying them in the school setting. Alongside this, there is some support and recognition of the benefits associated with ICT use, and there are some teachers who recognise the importance of ICT in developing more constructivist methods in the classroom. The research therefore implies both a potential failure of Government and the profession itself to effectively implement ICT in the Kuwaiti classroom.



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