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A Framework for Acceptance and Implementation of Global Data Privacy and Security Policies by States (A Case Study of Sri Lanka and United Kingdom)

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posted on 2022-10-28, 11:52 authored by Vibhushinie Bentototahewa
The existing data protection laws are undergoing a step-by-step process of reviewing, considering, and scrutinising by the law makers and state governments across the regions where existing legislation is believed inadequate. Therefore, the aim should be to reach a consensus amongst like-minded nations to find fundamental discrepancies and variables, resolve contentious/inhibiting factors, with a view to producing proposals to fill the lapses in the law, and conform to a consolidated conceptually meaningful policy framework for sharing with other nations.

The main contribution of this research is to develop a Policy Acceptance Model that is meant to be an influencing tool and a guide to develop a data privacy, and security policy. From the purpose angle, it will be an influencing tool for decision making and developing data protection mechanisms and, could be adapted by the states for developing national and regional data protection mechanisms of their own. Cyberspace is not country-specific, not limited to a region or a continent; it belongs to the global community. Therefore, this model is also meant to help develop global level data protection mechanism. Also, the researcher has added new knowledge to the current literature through her publications. These publications addressed contemporary issues such as Huawei row, WhatsApp privacy issue and privacy and security issues associated with COVID-19.



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