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A Critical Conceptualisation of Leadership and Organisational Change: The Case of Royal Jordanian Airline

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posted on 2022-10-10, 13:23 authored by Basil Obeidat

This present thesis is based on the critical conceptualisation of the leadership and the organisational change. Leadership is an action of the leading group of the people and company. It is a practical skill and research area that encompassing the ability of a person or company to lead other people in, team and firm. The organisational change is about the procedure of changing processes, culture, strategies and technologies of the company. It is a process under which a company make changes in its working methods and aim effectively, investigating the leadership style of the top management executives, including the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Jordanian airline to understand the factors that influence organisational cultural change within the company. There have been few studies of the Middle-Eastern situation that treats organisational cultural change in the development of an organisation in terms of the values of the company. What leadership is and what leaders do within the context of organisations based in the Middle-Eastern region deserve deeper investigation and analysis. 

The researcher has developed a conceptual framework and a set of propositions to analyse the relationship between leadership, organisational change and effective organisational performance. The aim is to convey the aspiration of developing a theoretical contribution to knowledge about leadership and organisational change as mediated by Arab cultural traits by investigating the case of leadership in the Royal Jordanian airline.



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