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Concussion increases injury risk in male professional Rugby Union

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posted on 2023-01-17, 09:26 authored by Izzy MooreIzzy Moore

Key findings from a 7 year prospective study on male professional rugby union, identifying concussion as the only common injury to increase injury risk.

Poster details:

Aim: To assess within-player injury risj in concussion and common non-concussive injuries

Changes to within-player injury risk: Concussion has a 26% risk increase and ankle ligament injuries has a 30% risk increase

Concussion increased the within-plater risk of the following injuries: Head/neck, pelvic, neurological

Ankle ligament injuries reduced the within-player risk of the following injuries: Head/neck, upper leg and knee, joint and ligament, neurological


Consider how we rehabilitate concussion such as objective measures

Ankle ligament injury rehabilitation may be able to inform concussion rehabilitation 


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