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posted on 2022-09-30, 10:28 authored by Bernd Lintermann

The installation VRMe explores the human body’s self-perception in virtual reality. A pair of virtual reality glasses is attached to a wall in the exhibition space. When the visitor puts on the glasses, he sees a virtual representation of the real exhibition space.

The wall itself is displayed in the center of the virtual space. Each time the viewer walks through the wall, he enters a new form of spatial representation in which he himself also appears in ever-changing constellations.

The representations use et al. spherical real-time video, stereoscopic dome photography, 3D laser scanning or photogrammetry, while the visitor is captured via two Kinect depth imaging cameras.

The viewer is forced to think about the relationship of his or her body with virtual and physical reality and thus to develop an intuitive understanding of the perceptual properties of these technologies.


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