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Podcast - Emma & Tom Talk Teaching: Reflective Practice with Professor Brendan Cropley

posted on 2023-12-18, 14:33 authored by Gemma MitchellGemma Mitchell, Emma Thayer, Thomas BreezeThomas Breeze, Brendan Cropley

'This week we've got a guest from our friends at the University of South Wales - it's Professor Brendan Cropley, who is a professor of sport coaching. The world of elite sports has plenty to tell those of us in education about reflecting on our performance, so we asked Brendan to join us on the line to chat about his work.

Brendan has a wealth of down-to-earth advice for any of us engaged in reflection, whether as an experienced teacher or someone who's new to the profession. We hope you'll find plenty to inspire and motivate you to take a step back from your practice in order to make those all-important steps forward.

As ever, our short slots provide us with some thought-provoking take-aways, including Brendan's secret musical talents, and a book review from the front line of the NHS.


Recorded in studio C2.05 at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Cyncoed Campus (with remote guest) on 7th October 2020'