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Training load monitoring considerations for female Gaelic team sports: From theory to practice

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posted on 2022-09-16, 13:42 authored by John Duggan, Jeremy Moody, Paul J. Byrne, Stephen-Mark Cooper, Lisa Ryan

 Athlete monitoring enables sports science practitioners to collect information to determinehow athletes respond to training loads (TL) and the demands of competition. To date, recommen-dations for females are often adapted from their male counterparts.   There is currently limitedinformation available on TL monitoring in female Gaelic team sports in Ireland. The collection andanalysis of female athlete monitoring data can provide valuable information to support the devel-opment of female team sports. Athletic monitoring can also support practitioners to help minimizerisk of excessive TL and optimize potential athletic performance. The aims of this narrative revieware to provide: (i) an overview of TL athlete monitoring in female team sports, (ii) a discussion ofthe potential metrics and tools used to monitor external TL and internal TL, (iii) the advantages anddisadvantages of TL modalities for use in Gaelic team sports, and (iv) practical considerations onhow to monitor TL to aid in the determination of meaningful change with female Gaelic team sportsathletes. 


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Duggan, J. D., Moody, J. A., Byrne, P. J., Cooper, S. M., & Ryan, L. (2021) 'Training load monitoring considerations for female Gaelic team sports: From theory to practice', Sports, 9(6), 84. doi: 10.3390/sports9060084

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