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The Effect of Two Different Assisted Plyometric Programmes on Vertical Jumping Kinetics in Young Male Football Players

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posted on 2022-05-17, 16:32 authored by Matthew F. Watson, Jeremy Moody, Christopher L. Bakker

 Assisted jumping is documented to improve lower body power, however no current research evaluates it from a skill development standpoint, with limited data evaluating assisted plyometrics. 15 youth football players were separated into a band assisted (BAP) (n = 8) or ground-based plyometrics (GBP) (n = 7) group. Both groups followed similar 6-week plyometric interventions. BAP used resistance bands to increase flight time during all jumps, while GBP performed bodyweight jumps. Participants completed countermovement jumps (CMJ), drop jumps (DJ) and a submaximal hopping (SH) test pre- and postintervention. Both groups significantly improved jump height and relative peak power in the CMJ (p < 0.05). Neither groups significantly improved reactive strength index (RSI) in the DJ or SH tests, however GBP had a significantly greater mean RSI compared to BAP in the post-test (p < 0.05). Overall, these data demonstrate that band assisted jump training (using a directly transferable assistance method) is effective at improving some vertical jumping kinetics. However, conflicting factors related to mechanical loading, biological maturity and the selected band assistance, limit definitive conclusions. Future research should consider replicating the current study and explore the reasons for the lack of difference between assisted and unassisted conditions. 


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Watson, M., Moody, J., Bakker, C. (2020) 'The Effect of Two Different Assisted Plyometric Programmes on Vertical Jumping Kinetics in Young Male Football Players', ARC Journal of Research in Sports Medicine.4(2): 17-33

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