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Reorganization of the cortical connectome functional gradient in age-related hearing loss

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posted on 2023-12-11, 14:58 authored by Zhaopeng Tong, Juan Zhang, Chunhua Xing, Xiaomin Xu, Yuanqing Wu, Richard Salvi, Xindao Yin, Fei ZhaoFei Zhao, Yu-Chen Chen, Yuexin Cai

Age-related hearing loss (ARHL), one of the most common sensory deficits in elderly individuals, is a risk factor for dementia; however, it is unclear how ARHL affects the decline in cognitive function. To address this issue, a connectome gradient framework was used to identify critical features of information integration between sensory and cognitive processing centers using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) data from 40 individuals with ARHL and 36 healthy controls (HCs). The first three functional gradient alterations associated with ARHL were investigated at the global, network and regional levels. Using a support vector machine (SVM) model, our analysis distinguished individuals with ARHL with normal cognitive function from those with cognitive decline. Compared to HCs, individuals with ARHL had a contracted principal primary-to-transmodal gradient axis, especially in the visual and default mode networks, with an altered gradient explained ratio and variance. Among individuals with ARHL, cognitive decline was detected in the visual network in the principal gradient as well as in the limbic, salience and default mode networks in the third gradient (salience to frontoparietal/default mode). These results suggest that ARHL is associated with disrupted information processing from the primary sensory networks to higher-order cognitive networks and highlight the key nodes closely associated with cognitive decline during cognitive processing in ARHL, providing new insights into the mechanism of cognitive impairment and suggesting potential treatments related to ARHL.





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Tong, Z., Zhang, J., Xing, C., Xu, X., Wu, Y., Salvi, R., Yin, X., Zhao, F., Chen, Y.C. and Cai, Y. (2023) 'Reorganization of the cortical connectome functional gradient in age-related hearing loss', NeuroImage, p.120475.

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