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Programming Plyometric-Jump Training in Soccer: A Review

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posted on 2022-06-16, 17:55 authored by Rodrigo Ramírez-Campillo, Jason Moran, Jon Oliver, Jason S. Pedley, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Urs Granacher

 The aim of this review was to describe and summarize the scientific literature on program-ming parameters related to jump or plyometric training in male and female soccer players of differentages and fitness levels. A literature search was conducted in the electronic databases PubMed, Webof Science and Scopus using keywords related to the main topic of this study (e.g., “ballistic” and“plyometric”). According to the PICOS framework, the population for the review was restricted tosoccer players, involved in jump or plyometric training.  Among 7556 identified studies, 90 wereeligible for inclusion. Only 12 studies were found for females. Most studies (n = 52) were conductedwith youth male players. Moreover, only 35 studies determined the effectiveness of a given jumptraining programming factor. Based on the limited available research, it seems that a dose of 7 weeks(1–2 sessions per week), with ~80 jumps (specific of combined types) per session, using near-maximalor maximal intensity, with adequate recovery between repetitions (<15 s), sets (≥30 s) and sessions(≥24–48 h), using progressive overload and taper strategies, using appropriate surfaces (e.g., grass),and applied in a well-rested state, when combined with other training methods, would increase theoutcome of effective and safe plyometric-jump training interventions aimed at improving soccerplayers physical fitness. In conclusion, jump training is an effective and easy-to-administer trainingapproach for youth, adult, male and female soccer players.  However, optimal programming forplyometric-jump training in soccer is yet to be determined in future research. 


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Ramirez-Campillo, R., Moran, J., Oliver, J. L., Pedley, J. S., Lloyd, R. S., & Granacher, U. (2022). Programming Plyometric-Jump Training in Soccer: A Review. Sports, 10(6), 94. DOI: 10.3390/sports10060094

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