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Perceptions and approaches of golf coaches towards strength and conditioning activities for youth golfers

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posted on 2022-10-25, 15:29 authored by James Shaw, Zachariah I. Gould, Jon Oliver, Rhodri S. Lloyd

 Golfers who want to improve their technical proficiency will undoubtedly hire a swing coach who may also influence andgive advice on how the golfer can improve outside of technical enhancement (i.e. strength and conditioning, warm-ups,cool-downs etc.). With research examining the effects of strength and conditioning on youth golfers beginning to materi-alise, it is important to ascertain golf coaches’perceptions of strength and conditioning, warm-ups and cool-downs andhow they are utilised with youth golfers. Fifty Professional Golfers’Association Professionals and Assistant Professionalscompleted an online questionnaire on their perceptions of, and approaches to, strength and conditioning, warm-up andcool-down activities for youth golfers. Data indicated that 84% and 80% of coaches perceived strength and conditioningcould enhance golf swing performance and reduce the risk of injury, respectively. Although all coaches agreed golfers aged18 years and under can take part in strength and conditioning activities, there was no consensus on when a golfer shouldstart strength and conditioning activities, with most coaches unaware of the existing guidelines surrounding youth resist-ance training. Warm-ups are perceived by coaches to be beneficial for youth golfers with > 75% of coaches stating theirplayers completed a warm-up, however, the modes of exercise coaches deemed suitable for a warm-up were varied.Cool-downs were deemed beneficial for aiding recovery post-round, yet over half of coaches selected their playersdid not habitually complete one. Findings from the questionnaire highlight that although perceptions towards strengthand conditioning, warm-ups and cool-downs are positive, educational solutions to disseminate the underlying contempor-ary guidelines and practical applications to coaches and players are required. 


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International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching




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Shaw, J., Gould, Z.I., Oliver, J.L. and Lloyd, R.S. (2022) 'Perceptions and approaches of golf coaches towards strength and conditioning activities for youth golfers',. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, p.17479541221132371.

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