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Neonatal desensitisation for the study of regenerative medicine

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posted on 2022-03-25, 16:06 authored by Victoria H. Roberton, Anne E. Rosser, Claire KellyClaire Kelly
Cell replacement is a therapeutic option for numerous diseases of the CNS. Current research has identified a number of potential human donor cell types, for which preclinical testing through xenotransplantation in animal models is imperative. Immune modulation is necessary to promote donor cell survival for sufficient time to assess safety and efficacy. Neonatal desensitization can promote survival of human donor cells in adult rat hosts with little impact on the health of the host and for substantially longer than conventional methods, and has subsequently been applied in a range of studies with variable outcomes. Reviewing these findings may provide insight into the method and its potential for use in preclinical studies in regenerative medicine


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Regenerative Medicine


Future Medicine


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Roberton, V.H., Rosser, A.E. and Kelly, C.M. (2015) 'Neonatal desensitization for the study of regenerative medicine', Regenerative medicine, 10(3), pp.265-274

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