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Investigating Internet of Things Impact on e-Learning System: An Overview

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posted on 2023-06-08, 10:14 authored by Duha Awad H.Elneel, Hasan Kahtan Al-AniHasan Kahtan Al-Ani, Abdul Sahli Fakharudin, Mansoor Abdulhak, Ahmad Salah Al-Ahmad, Yehia Ibrahim Alzoubi

E-Learning systems have reached their peak with the revolution of smart technologies. In the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most advanced and popular technologies, affecting many different areas. Using IoT in an e-learning system is a fantastic technology that improves the e-learning system and makes it more inventive and cutting-edge. The key challenge addressed in this study is the acceptance of IoT usage in e-learning systems as well as how to improve it so that it can be utilized properly. This research concentrates on how IoT can benefit e-learning systems and how it might benefit users of e-learning systems. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to get acquainted with the important research related to IoT technology and e-learning systems through online research databases and reliable scientific journals. The first research finding is that e-learning systems need such modern techniques as IoT to enable interconnection, increase reliability, and enhance the enjoyment of the educational process. The second result is that research related to the development of new technologies like the IoT has a significant impact on enhancing the performance of new systems and bringing about positive change. This study highlights the value of IoT, particularly in e-learning systems. It aids in the development of new strategies that will improve the efficacy of e-learning systems and stimulate researchers to develop advanced technology


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Duha Awad H. Elneel, Hasan Kahtan, Abdul Sahli Fakharudin, Mansoor Abdulhak, Ahmad Salah Al-Ahmad and Yehia Ibrahim Alzoubi,(2023) “Investigating Internet of Things Impact on e-Learning System: An Overview” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA), 14(5).

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