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Evidence of region-specific right ventricular functional adaptation in endurance-trained men in response to an acute volume infusion

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posted on 2022-08-10, 11:48 authored by Tony DawkinsTony Dawkins, Bryony Curry, Aimee DraneAimee Drane, Rachel LordRachel Lord, Cory RichardsCory Richards, Freya M. Lodge, Zaheer Yousef, Chris PughChris Pugh, Robert Shave, Michael StembridgeMichael Stembridge
Eccentric remodelling of the right ventricle (RV) in response to increased blood volume and repetitive haemodynamic load during endurance exercise is well established. Structural remodelling is accompanied by decreased deformation at the base of the RV free wall, that may reflect an enhanced functional reserve capacity in response to haemodynamic perturbation. Therefore, this study examined the impact of acute blood volume expansion on RV wall mechanics in 16 young endurance-trained males (aged 24±3 years) and 13 non-athletic male controls (aged 27±5 years). Conventional echocardiographic parameters, as well as longitudinal strain and strain rate were quantified at the basal and apical level of the RV free wall. Measurements were obtained at rest and following 7ml·kg–1 intravenous Gelofusine infusion with and without a passive leg raise. Following infusion, blood volume increased by 12±4% and 14±5% in endurance-trained individuals vs. controls, respectively (P = 0.264). Both endurance-trained individuals (8±10%) and controls (7±9%) experienced an increase in free wall strain from baseline, which was also similar following leg raise (7±10% and 6±10%, respectively; P = 0.464). However, infusion evoked a greater increase in basal longitudinal strain in endurance-trained vs. controls (16±14% vs. 6±11%; P = 0.048), which persisted following leg raise (16±18% vs. 3±11%; P = 0.032). Apical longitudinal strain and RV free wall strain rates were not different between groups and remained unchanged following infusion across all segments. Endurance training results in a greater contribution of longitudinal myocardial deformation at the base of the RV in response to a haemodynamic volume challenge, which may reflect a greater region-specific functional reserve capacity.


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Dawkins, T.G., Curry, B.A., Drane, A.L., Lord, R.N., Richards, C.T., Lodge, F.M., Yousef, Z., Pugh, C.J., Shave, R.E. and Stembridge, M. (2021) 'Evidence of region‐specific right ventricular functional adaptation in endurance‐trained men in response to an acute volume infusion. Experimental physiology. 107 (1) doi: 10.1113/EP089882

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