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Development and characterisation of mgTHP-1, a novel in vitro model for neural macrophages with microglial characteristics

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posted on 2023-11-20, 12:12 authored by E. Kodosaki, A. Daniels-Morgan, N. Hassan, Richard Webb, Keith Morris, Claire KellyClaire Kelly

Neuroinflammation is primarily characterised by activation of the brain’s resident macrophages – the microglia. However, other central nervous system (CNS) cells also contribute to this response, including the astrocytes and endothelial cells. In addition, there is infiltration into the CNS of peripherally derived immune cells. Together these cells mediate inflammation by the production of cytokines, chemokines, reactive oxygen species, and secondary messengers, and enacting of the appropriate response to those signals. However, deciphering the specific contributions of each cell type has been challenging. Studying CNS cell biology is often challenging, as the isolation of primary cells is not always feasible, and differentiation towards microglia-like cells is complex. Here, we demonstrate a novel method whereby THP-1 monocytic cells are differentiated into neural macrophage cells with microglia-like cell characteristics. The cells, designated mgTHP-1, show typical morphological and gene expression patterns of resident CNS macrophages and functionally respond to inflammatory stimuli by producing inflammatory cytokines. Furthermore, with the addition of Vicenin-2 (an anti-inflammatory flavonoid) such responses can be reversed. This novel cell model will allow further investigations, and hence insights, into the neuroinflammatory mechanisms associated with CNS diseases


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Kodosaki, E., Daniels-Morgan, A., Hassan, N., Webb, R., Morris, K. and Kelly, C.M. (2023) 'Development and characterisation of mgTHP-1, a novel in vitro model for neural macrophages with microglial characteristics', Neurological Research, pp.1-13.

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