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Cross-Cultural Differences between Italian and UK Consumer Preferences for ‘Big Top’ Nectarines in Relation to Cold Storage

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posted on 2022-09-20, 10:57 authored by Sarah R. Christofides, Anita Setarehnejad, Ruth FairchildRuth Fairchild, Innocenzo Muzzalupo, Leonardo Bruno, Antonella Muto, Adriana Chiappetta, Maria B. Bitonti, Carsten T. Müller, Hilary J. Rogers, Natasha D. Spadafora

 Nectarines are perishable fruits grown in Southern Europe, valued for their sensorial properties. Chilling is used in the supply chain for Northern European consumers, while Southern European consumers can access fresh, locally grown fruit or cold-stored supermarket fruit. Cold storage and fruit ripening affect texture and flavour. Here a consumer survey and hedonic testing compared the appreciation of nectarines (cv. Big Top) in Italy and at two UK sites (n = 359). Fruit was at the commercial harvest stage, or stored at 1 ◦C or 5 ◦C for seven days, then sampled after two days’ (Italy and one UK site) or four days’ (second UK site) ambient recovery. In the consumer survey, the most important factors involved in purchase decision were ripeness, texture, colour, taste and price. Named varieties were more important to Italian than UK respondents, whilst ripeness, price, taste, blemishes, aroma, and ‘best before date’ were more important in the UK. In sensory analyses, fruits at the commercial harvest stage were preferred to those stored at 1 ◦C. Preference for the 5 ◦C stored peaches depended on recovery time. Distinct clusters of peach sensorial attributes were positively or negatively linked to hedonic rating. Factors important in purchase decisions did not affect hedonic rating in the tasting 


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Christofides, S.R., Setarehnejad, A., Fairchild, R., Muzzalupo, I., Bruno, L., Muto, A., Chiappetta, A., Bitonti, M.B., Müller, C.T., Rogers, H.J. and Spadafora, N.D.( 2022) 'Cross-cultural differences between Italian and UK consumer preferences for ‘Big Top’ nectarines in relation to cold storage', Foods, 11(16), p.2424.

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