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Challenges and practices in Halal meat preparation: A case study investigation of a UK slaughterhouse

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posted on 2022-03-04, 12:54 authored by Angerlique M. Thomas, Gareth R.T. White, Eoin Plant, Peng Zhou
Consumer concerns over the provenance of food that has been prepared in accordance with religious requirements has risen in importance. Instances of improper identification and sale of Halal meat-based products in particular have given rise to questions over the authenticity of such foods. Despite this and the rising demand for Halal foods across the globe, little research has been conducted around the specific issues that arise during their production. This paper presents a case study investigation of a slaughterhouse in the UK that prepares both Halal and non-Halal meat products. It aims to improve our understanding of the challenges that Halal food production presents. The extra requirements of Halal food preparation place additional burdens especially upon smaller processors. Future development of quality standards should take account of the abilities of smaller organisations and the constraints under which they operate. Additionally, food quality assurance standards and systems should highlight the specific requirements of food that has been prepared in accordance with religious requirements. While this study has highlighted the complexities of Halal food production, similar issues are likely to be present in the production of Kosher food, and such compliances may also be required of foods consumed by people of other faiths.


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Thomas, A. M., White, G.R.T., Plant, E. and Zhou, P. (2015) 'Challenges and practices in Halal meat preparation: a case study investigation of a UK slaughterhouse', Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, pp.1-20

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