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Cervical Range of Motion, Cervical and Shoulder Strength in Senior versus Age-grade Rugby Union International Front-Row Forwards

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posted on 2022-05-03, 16:05 authored by Mark Davies, Izzy MooreIzzy Moore, Patrick Moran, Prabhat Mathema, Craig Ranson

 Objectives: To provide normative values for cervical range of motion (CROM), isometric cervical and shoulder strength for; International Senior professional, and International Age-grade Rugby Union front-row forwards. Design: Cross-sectional population study Setting: All international level front-row players within a Rugby Union Tier 1 Nation. Participants: Nineteen Senior and 21 Age-grade front-row forwards underwent CROM, cervical and shoulder strength testing. Main outcome measures: CROM was measured using the CROM device and the Gatherer System was used to measure multi-directional isometric cervical and shoulder strength. Results: The Age-grade players had significantly lower; cervical strength (26 - 57% deficits), cervical flexion to extension strength ratios (0.5 vs. 0.6), and shoulder strength (2 – 36% deficits) than the Senior players. However, there were no differences between front-row positions within each age group. Additionally, there were no differences between age groups or front-row positions in the CROM measurements. Conclusions: Senior Rugby Union front-row forwards have greater cervical and shoulder strength than Age-grade players, with the biggest differences being in cervical strength, highlighting the need for position specific normative values. Importantly, Age-grade players should be evaluated to ensure they have developed sufficient cervical strength prior to entering professional level Rugby Union. 


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Davies, M., Moore, I.S., Moran, P., Mathema, P. and Ranson, C.A. (2015) 'Cervical range of motion, cervical and shoulder strength in senior versus age-grade Rugby Union international front-row forwards', Physical Therapy in Sport, 19, pp. 36-42

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