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Assessing athletic motor skill competencies in youths: A narrative review of movement competency screens

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posted on 2023-07-24, 12:25 authored by Ben J. Pullen, Jon Oliver, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Camilla J. Knight

 Leading health organizations and longterm athletic development models have identified the need to develop movement competencies in children and adolescents. The athletic motor skill competencies (AMSCs) have been identified as key skills that form the foundations of all athletic movements.The AMSCs form an integral part of the long-term athletic development of youth, and improving these qualities should be central to coaches working with young individuals. Multiple movement competency screens assess some aspects of the AMSC spectrum, but there is no consensus regarding which screens may be most appropriate for a given cohort or coaching environment. This review provides an valuation of the movement screens available to assess various AMSCs and in turn considers their reliability, feasibility, strengths, and weaknesses when used with youth populations. 


This work was funded by internally available funds and is made available under the requirements of the Cardiff Met Open Research Policy



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Pullen, B. J., Oliver, J. L., Lloyd, R. S., & Knight, C. J. (2022) 'Assessing Athletic Motor Skill Competencies in Youths: A Narrative Review of Movement Competency Screens', Strength & Conditioning Journal, 44(1), 95-110. doi: 10.1519/SSC.0000000000000673

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