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Advances in Management and Informatics Issue 5 (Working Papers Journal)

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posted on 2020-09-30, 14:14 authored by Cardiff School of Management (CSM)
Advances in Management and Informatics (AMI) is a journal that allows members of Cardiff School of Management to contribute topics of interest, ranging from embryonic ideas through to work that is nearing completion. Some of the ideas presented to the editor have since been published, and some are undergoing further research. We would like to stress that as this is a working paper journal, publication here does not preclude the authors from publishing their work elsewhere.

This edition is pleased to present the 2019 AMI Conference Best Paper Prize Winner “How Agile Am I? An Initial Analysis of Student Reflective Narratives of Their Employability and Enterprise Development.” By Karen Clinkard. This first paper explores the development of student employability and enterprise skills during their HE experience via a student’s reflective narrative approach. The research examines the relevance of current measurements of employability and entrepreneurial skills and the impact of enabling student’s individual insights during the process of their course inform focus. The second paper examines whether company size alone has an impact on the sophistication of the used costing system. The paper presents the case that the age of a company has an impact as well as size. Paper two examines the perceptions of the founders of IT Start-Ups within a challenging economic environment from the Greek perspective. The focus of paper three is to examine the issue of urban myths and fake news and their relevance or impact on brand reputation which given the current times is an important consideration for organisations.