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Advances in Management and Informatics Issue 4 (Working Papers Journal)

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posted on 2020-09-30, 14:08 authored by Cardiff School of Management (CSM)
Advances in Management and Informatics (AMI) is a journal that allows members of Cardiff School of Management to contribute topics of interest, ranging from embryonic ideas through to work that is nearing completion. Some of the ideas presented to the editor have since been published, and some are undergoing further research. We would like to stress that as this is a working paper journal, publication here does not preclude the authors from publishing their work elsewhere.

The theme of this edition is focused on exploring and understanding the international context within business and management. The first paper explores SME entrepreneurship in emerging economies (specifically Ghana, Pakistan and Yemen) via a comparative study. The research highlights the important role financial bodies’ play in SME establishment and growth. With the focus staying on Ghana, the second paper, explores via hypothesis testing the informal and formal knowledge transfer that occurs between Universities and companies and whether this influences innovation. The research found there is not an automatic benefit to innovation other than within manufacturing firms. Therefore the paper calls for more focus on innovation opportunity within knowledge networks. Continuing the international theme, paper three explore whether nostalgia can justify marketization of historical socio- cultural symbols. In this case nostalgic branding activities within Romania. Given our wide global IT systems, paper four explores IT security policies. The focus of the paper is to examine both the benefits and drawbacks of these policies. The research highlights that companies need to understand that an effective IT security is the responsibility of the whole organisation not just the IT department.