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Addressing Biodisaster X Threats With Artificial Intelligence and 6G Technologies: Literature Review and Critical Insights

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posted on 2022-02-07, 10:48 authored by Zhaohui Su, Dean McDonnell, Barry Bentley, Jiguang He, Feng Shi, Ali Cheshmehzangi, Junaid Ahmad, Peng Jia
With advances in science and technology, biotechnology is becoming more accessible to people of all demographics. These changes inevitably hold the promise to improve personal and population wellbeing and welfare substantially. A paradox lies in the fact that, while greater access to biotechnology on a population level has many advantages, it may also increase the likelihood and frequency of biodisasters due to accidental or malicious use. Similar to 'Disease X' (describing unknown naturally emerging pathogens with a pandemic potential), we term this unknown risk from biotechnologies 'Biodisaster X'. Although poorly studied, Biodisaster X has the potential to upend lives and livelihoods, and destroy economies, essentially posing a looming risk for civilizations across the world. Effective biosafety regulation and enforcement based on advanced information technologies, such as sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication and Artificial Intelligence (AI), could play an instrumental role in monitoring and managing Biodisaster X threats. To date, no research has examined the potential role of information technologies in preventing and mitigating Biodisaster X. Therefore, to bridge this gap, this study explores 1) what Biodisaster X might entail and 2) solutions that use emerging 6G and AI technologies to help monitor and manage Biodisaster X threats.


International Institute of Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1-BE58)


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Journal of Medical Internet Research;23(5):e26109


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Su, Z., McDonnell, D., Bentley, B. L., He, J., Shi, F., Cheshmehzangi, A., Ahmad, J., & Jia, P. (2021) 'Addressing Biodisaster X Threats with AI and 6G Technologies: Literature Review and Critical Insights', Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23(5):e26109.

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