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Accuracy of self-evaluation in a peer-learning environment: An analysis of a group learning model

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posted on 2022-03-08, 17:05 authored by Nasir Aminu, Mohammed Hamdan, Christopher Russell
There is a global competitive demand for graduates with soft skills, and higher education institutions are tasked to reduce the employee skill gap. Thus, we investigated the students' perceptions of peer assessment in facilitating engagement in soft-skill development through group work activities. Using group work to measure the effectiveness of students' feedback on their assessment, we posit that students perceive self-assessment in group work as a tool that represents fairness. By focusing on learning in a peer-assisted learning environment, the study is a two-period different observation on the effectiveness and validity of peer assessment practice. We applied a group learning model over two academic sessions to investigate if students can self-evaluate accurately in a peer-learning environment. The employed methods included both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The findings of the study differ from previous findings that students cannot self-assess accurately. Empirically, there was no significant difference between the peer marks and tutor marks. The study also found that peer learning improves students' quality of assessment as they reflect on their work better.


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Aminu, N., Hamdan, M. and Russell, C. (2021) 'Accuracy of self-evaluation in a peer-learning environment: An analysis of a group learning model.' SN Social Sciences, 1(7), pp.1-17.

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