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A pilot study on the evaluation of cognitive abilities’ cluster through game-based intelligent technique

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posted on 2023-04-28, 13:09 authored by Faizan Ahmad, Zeeshan Ahmed, Momina Shaheen, Sara Muneeb, Rubata Riasat

 Numerous scientific studies measured cognitive abilities through administered tests. Most of these traditional tests are inappropriate for several reasons, such as cost-ineffectiveness, tiresomeness, and invasiveness. The need is to build cost-effective, exciting, and plausibly engaging techniques that could noninvasively measure cognitive abilities. This paper presents LAS, an intelligent technique that utilizes non-invasively collected game analytics to automatically evaluate the cluster of three cognitive abilities (i.e., Visual Long-term Memory (VLTM), Analytical Capability (AC), and Visual Short-term Memory in Change Detection Paradigm (VSTMiCDP)). The experimental group-based cross-generational cognitive evaluation in the game-based scenario established the potential of the proposed technique is twofold: 1) It successfully categorizes cluster of three targeted cognitive abilities within the 5-point evaluation sphere (i.e., 0–1 = very bad, 1–2 = bad, 2–3 = fair, 3–4 = good, 4–5 = excellent), and 2) It highly correlates with the results of a control group that are measured with three traditional cognitive tests. 


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Multimedia Tools and Applications




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Ahmad, F., Ahmed, Z., Shaheen, M., Muneeb, S., & Riasat, R. (2023) 'A pilot study on the evaluation of cognitive abilities’ cluster through game-based intelligent technique', Multimedia Tools and Applications, 1-19. doi: 10.1007/s11042-023-15100-x

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